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Hear a little from past photography, styling, social media, and digital marketing clients about what they enjoyed most working with Amanda Wilens Photography and Marketing. 

LC Lauren Conrad

 “We love working with Amanda. She’s like a Martha Stewart, Joanna Gaines, and Lauren Conrad all in one person! We’re always happy when she works with our team and the great content she creates for us.”


– Rachel, Polka Dot Media

(Lauren Conrad Co. and

LC Lauren Conrad)


“First things first, her images are SO beautiful. She far exceeds our expectations and we are always so excited to get her content in front of our audiences. She is a dream partner to have!”


– Megan, Greetabl

“Amanda is so talented and I absolutely love looking through her final photos for us. They are absolutely incredible! She always overdelivers and we so appreciate it.  Always impressed by the creativity and innovation in the content ideas.”


– Hannah, The Little Market


"Amanda is the QUEEN of all things social media marketing. She has an incredible understanding of social platforms and trends and works hard to bring your business up to speed in the social landscape. She's responsive, reliable, trustworthy, proactive and makes a great addition to any team."

– Alisha, LISH Creative

Jeni's Ice Cream.png

 “Our clients were thrilled with how the images and posts came out for our partnership. We absolutely love her work and would love to collaborate again.”


– Caroline, Johnson & Sekin


“We are the biggest fans of her work and we cannot think of a better person to help with this article! The photos and recipe are perfect!!! Seriously I love the photos and the recipe is easy to follow, the whole thing is AMAZING!!! It's exactly what I had in mind!”


– Kirra, Inspired by This

“Such an awesome person to work with. Love having her in for photos. So much beautiful imagery!”


– Katie, Katie’s Pizza and Pasta

Katie's Pizza and Pasta 6.png
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