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Sacramento, CA

Sacramento was the second city I ever called home. And although I wasn't born there and may not live there currently, I will always be a California girl. I was raised and lived around Sacramento from the age of 7 until I was 24 (when I ventured off to St. Louis). I grew up here so I have a big piece of my heart in this city. It holds good memories, sad memories, my family, friends, and of course…some amazing food. I am always traveling back and hope to add a lot more photos in the coming years of the from the delicious food scene here. But for the time being here are just a few of the photos from my last trip home. However, if you need recommendations contact me because I have so many more for the entire state! Here are some of my favorite things, some not photographed.


  • Cafeteria 15L: Downtown [fav food-Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke and Mocktails]

  • Chicago Fire: Multiple Locations [fav food- Grilled Artichoke]

  • Jack’s Urban Eats: Multiple Locations [fav food- Buffalo Chicken Salad and Urban Fries]

  • Ma Jong’s Asian Diner: Downtown [fav food- Thai Basil Chicken Chow Fun]

  • The Parlor: Rio del Oro [fav food- Stuffed Donut]

  • Revolution Wines: Newton Booth [fav food- Mac & Cheese]

  • Zocalo: Multiple Locations [fav food- Chicken Quesadilla]


  • Apple Hill: it’s a decent drive up on the way to Tahoe, but amazing farms, food, and picking experiences. Fall is beautiful up that way and a major tourist and local spot. Just make a trip of it and go up to Tahoe while you’re at it!

  • Brew Bike: while many locals find it annoying it’s a super fun way to explore downtown and try out a lot of local breweries.

  • The Capitol Building: great tours on the history of the building as well as the state of California.

  • Crocker Art Museum: great local museum serving up some serious art.

  • Folsom Lake: while it has been fairly dry lately, I grew up spending summers on this lake and it’s a gorgeous area. Folsom is only about a 20 minute drive out of the city and has a great old town, newer restaurants, hiking, etc.

  • Old Sacramento: fun to wander, check out the shops, waterfront, restaurants, and train museum.

  • Sacramento Community Theatre: Broadway Sacramento has a lot of shows traveling through constantly. Always amazing shows and a wonderful atmosphere.

Sacramento - Beast and Bounty
Revolution Wines Flatbread
Sacramento - Jack's Urban Eats
Sacramento - Revolution Wines
Sacramento - Revolution Wines
Sacramento - Revolution Wines
Sacramento - The Parlor
Revolution Wines cheese plate
Revolution Wines Mac and Cheese
Revolution Wines Charcuterie Plate
Revolution Wines Deviled Eggs
The Parlor Mint Ice Cream Donut
Jacks Urban Eats Buffalo Salad
Jacks Urban Eats Steak Salad
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