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Hi all! My name is Amanda. I am a professional event planner, published photographer and recipe developer. This is my website revolving around my favorite things...food, traveling, capturing and styling photos, and event planning!  


I started event planning in 2013, but really got into the "blog" world, starting this website when I moved to St. Louis in 2015 as a way to meet new people and build a community. I decided to build a blog where I can share my favorite recipes, travels and where to eat on those travels, as well as my some of my work on events, styling, and photography. Now that I'm back in California, living in Newport Beach, I'm taking this full time! 

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Although my background is in events, I started my blog in 2015 working on photography, styling, recipe development, workshops, and social media. I love working with great companies and restaurants. If you would like to work on a recipe or project together, please feel free to email me at wilensamanda(at)gmail(dot)com.

To see my recipes, events, and more, visit: amandawilens.com.


I've joined a few teams that I am so happy to be a part of. I'm an editor on the feedfeed for the Sprinkle Feed. I am also a contributor to LaurenConrad.com, contributor and influencer for LC Lauren Conrad, and contribute photos and recipes to The Little Market. Some of my features and partners across different pages can be found below!



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