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St. Louis - Staycation Marriott
Crystal Ballroom
Crystal Ballroom
Views from the Crystal Ballroom
Porano Gelato Pops
The Gateway at the Marriott
Zenia Bar & Grill Gooey Butter Cake
Zenia Crunchy French Toa
Breakfast in bed!
Zenia Bar & Grill Blueberry Pancakes
Mango Plantain Chips
This is what bloggers do!

When the Marriott Grand St. Louis asked me to come enjoy a staycation in the city with some fellow bloggers I wasn’t sure what to say!

Of course who doesn’t love a good staycation, but I thought I really knew most of what St. Louis had to offer and what would staying downtown really do for me when I have so much going on? Well, I agreed and I am so happy I did. We arrived to a bustling group of conference goers and it was great to see downtown booming with life. However, I was EXHAUSTED so I opted for the “take a bath” and have my boyfriend pick-up Sauce on the Side option. The next day we woke up early and got a tour of the gorgeously renovated hotel. This particular hotel is almost 100 years old and has some incredible history. There are some amazing event spaces like the Crystal Ballroom that were just phenomenal to see how the history from the original hotel, the Statler, remained intact.  During the day I spent time “touring” downtown and seeing all the things I hadn’t explored before like City Garden and the delicious Mango. We also spent some well needed time at the fitness center in the hotel! Later that night we enjoyed a delicious meal at Zenia Bar and Grill in the hotel. Although the menu is seasonal, if you get the chance, order the salmon! Even though I was the only one to order it, everyone kept picking off my plate which is always a good sign. A few of us decided to hang out in Greatroom post dinner and enjoy the people watching and enjoying some drinks. The next morning I woke up at 5:30am, #earlyriserproblems! Luckily I had access to the concierge lounge and picked myself up some tea and first breakfast. After packing up our room I headed down to second breakfast prepared by the Executive Chef Tim Jansen! I had the crunchy French toast, a smoothie, and we all shared a big old plate of blueberry pancakes…because what a great breakfast appetizer it was! I had an incredible weekend with the Marriott and was so happy with the hospitality I received. It may be my “city” now, but there are always new things to learn and places to explore…even in your own hometown! Here are a few favorites from downtown…for more foodie options in the city, go to my St. Louis tab above.


Mango: Downtown [fav food- Plantain Chips]
Porano: Downtown [fav food- Risotto Balls]
Sauce on the Side: Downtown [fav food- Puttanesca Calzone]


The Arch: If you are adventurous this is for you. Unfortunately it made me super nauseous. But I’ve done it once and that’s enough for me.
City Gardens: Fun little Gardens downtown for exploring, yoga, etc.
City Museum: The craziest place you’ll ever go. Ferris wheel on the roof, slide that go down the side of a building, and so much more. A great place for kiddos or those looking to release their inner child.

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