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Photography & Styling Classes

Free Photography Resources

Get your free lighting and styling guides here.

If you don't want one-on-one attention and coaching, but prefer to do the work on your own. You can purchase the Better Your Photography Basics E-Book. It offers the basics of all of the below without any personal lessons. $1,500 Value, $45 investment

Purchase here. 

Virtual Photography Course

Are you struggling on how to style your product or food photos better?
Are you unsure of how to take photos that match your brand or a client's brand?

Did you never fully learn how to use your DSLR camera?

Does Lightroom and photo editing leave you confused?

Better Your Photography one-on-one coaching is for you!


This is a course for people struggling to get their photography to a better place. Whether you are a food blogger, social media manager. If you are struggling to get your photography to that next level, let's get you there together!


4 full classes taught one-on-one that can be taken virtually from anywhere over the web together.

LESSON 1: Your Style, Brand, and Type of Photography

Figuring out your style of photography and a cohesive look is essential before getting into the basics. We want to learn the right style for you, your brand, and your photos. This step helps to easily go into lessons 2-4. 

LESSON 2: Learning How to Use Your DSLR Camera

Learn how to shoot in manual mode. So many people own a DSLR, but never took any courses on how to use it. If you're still shooting on auto or don't fully get how to use the manual setting on your camera, this step is so important for getting the BEST shot. 

LESSON 3: Setting Up the Shot, Styling, and Shooting

The set-up of a shot is the difference from an okay photo to a stunning, show stopping photo. This is another essential part to your branding and over look for your photos. 

LESSON 4: Editing Your Photos

Editing is essential in photography and Lightroom can be your best friend or worst enemy. If you've always wondered how people can get picture perfect's usually 50% editing. This is such an important step and I'll teach you the ins and outs!


Classes are scheduled one week apart, lasting one full month. However, it can be arranged for twice a week, biweekly, or monthly lessons. Once you submit interest using the form below, you will contacted and dates can be set up!

You Get:

  • 4 One-on-One Photography and Editing Lessons: one-on-one personalized coaching on how to learn photography and build your brand. 4 lessons that go over everything from photo brand identification, how to use your camera, to styling, and of course editing your photos. This is a one-on-one coaching, where you get to be the only student in the room. Everything revolves around you, your brand, your camera, your questions. There are so many courses out there, but rarely they are one-on-one courses. And this course is still going to cost you less than those virtual courses with no one-on-one training. Valued $2,500.

  • Guidebook and Cheats: A guidebook covering each lesson that you get to keep after the course ends in order to reference and use at a later date. This includes DSLR quick guide, cheats for light meter, guides for Lightroom editing, camera guide, where to buy backgrounds and props, and more. Valued at $500.



Each Lesson (taken not as the full course)

1 Lesson at $295

Full Course

2 Payments of $494


1 Payment of $947

All payments made through Venmo or PayPal. 

If you are interested in taking these courses, please fill out the contact form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Course Form

Thanks for submitting!

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